To Throw Pillow or Not to Throw Pillow?

We do make beautiful custom throw pillows at Capital Upholstery. And I must confess at the outset here, that I just walked around my home and counted throw pillows. Ready? 30. Yes, 30. I believe in throw pillows. Michael thinks they are called throw pillows because you throw them on the floor when they are… Read more »

Ten Years Old

Most of the things we know, we learned from someone else. Most of us have very few truly original ideas. We creatively implement other’s ideas. Most of the time, when we hear a new thought that rings true and is applicable, we start to own it and then we forget who gave us the original… Read more »

Two Ideas

Well, Hello there! Along with my husband Michael, I am the owner of Capital Upholstery in Voorheesville NY. This is my first blog ever and I thank you for reading it! I really want to call it a Blogette because most things can be said in fewer words than we use. Some blogs turn into… Read more »