So Many Reasons to Reupholster


When your space looks tired and dated and shows its age.

You want to update your look without changing everything.

New colors! New Patterns! A Fresh New Look!

Or maybe you are changing everything! We will help!

Home fashion changes. You don’t want to come home to a time warp!

You like to keep up with changes and all that’s innovative!

New colors, new palettes, new design, remove the skirt and add some bright throw pillows! Reupholster those chairs and move them to the bedroom, reupholster that sofa and place it front and center. Make that chair the showpiece you know it can be with a great new fabric!

Maybe you have a new space: whether you’re up-sizing or down-sizing, building an addition or finally moving into that brand-new XL dream house, old fabrics can look out of place.

Why not give it a fresh new life, a transformed restart, and enjoy it again for years to come!


You know the quality of what you have!

And the cost to replace it with the same quality.

They just don’t make it like they used to, do they?

We do everything needed to restore your original piece to its former glory.

Back in the day it was common that most furniture was good furniture, but

You have to be a lot more careful nowadays, even with the name brands that you used to trust. And if you’re not sure exactly what to look for, you could end up disappointed.

Invest in what you already know you have!

Maybe you’ve inherited furniture of quality, but the fabric just isn’t your style.

Let’s see how we can update it.


You want to save time.

We have so many fabric samples! We pick-up and deliver!

Do you really want to sit on 45 different sofas in 9 different stores?

Do you really want to buy it online without ever even sitting on it once?

If you want to view even more selection of our great fabrics

you are always warmly invited to come to our showroom.

We don’t mind lending books to our customers either.

Hours by appointment


It fits seamlessly in your space; it fits your body perfectly. It’s comfortable!!

And so much furniture nowadays does NOT have that perfect fit.

Many older homes, apartments, condos, retirement homes have smaller rooms.

Many grand homes need furniture with some substance!

What is your home?

Sometimes newer furniture isn’t suitable for your space.

Some people are taller, and some are shorter.

What’s wrong with what’s new? Too big, Too small, Too deep, Too tall, Too wide,

Too much hassle.

What’s right is what you know already fits!

When what you have suits your home and suits your body, don’t reinvent the wheel.


Can’t really put a price on your memories!

The chair you rocked your babies in, or read to your children, your favorite aunt’s favorite chair,

your great grandfather’s rocker! Your remembrances have value too!

We’ve had so many beautiful and meaningful pieces of furniture in our shop.

A chair that still bears the scratch marks on the underside of the wood arms where grandfather struck his stick matches to light his pipe!

A surprise: a sofa, that when stripped of fabric revealed even more original woodwork that had been preserved because it had been fabric-covered for so long!

A wing chair with choo-choo train fabric from the earliest memories at grandmother’s house. We saved some of that old fabric and made a choo-choo train throw pillow! Priceless.


Let’s not fill the landfill!

Recycle, reuse, reduce, repurpose, renew! Why buy a new chair just to throw out the old one? There is something responsible about reupholstery.

Capital Upholstery- where everything old is made new again!


That’s all!

I like it!

It’s mine already! It suits me! I made a good choice in the first place!

I like my furniture- I’d just like it to look new! We like it too!

WE can help. Call TODAY!