How does this all work?

I’ve never had anything reupholstered before and I have no clue!

Great question!

Can I get an Estimate?

Sure, just email a photo or two or three to us and we will give a ballpark price via email. Or call 518-765-2169 and we’ll can do our best to give you a ballpark price over the phone.

What if I prefer to come to your shop/showroom?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Once you have a ballpark price, call us and we can schedule a visit. We have lots of fabrics, and you are more than welcome to come to see us at our new location! Or if you’d like to stop in and see the good quality of our workmanship. We now have a Showroom where we are hosting all of our consultation, but our hours are by appointment so every project gets undivided attention. And is It is a beautiful ride out our way!

Where do I get my fabric? Do you have fabrics?

We do have a great selection of quality decorator fabrics including accounts with Greenhouse, Stout, Kravet, Barrow, Robert Allen, Duralee, Norbar, Burch, Luxury, Charlotte, and Norbar access to many others. From cotton prints, jacquards, and woven to heavy commercial grade; from velvet, chenille, embroidered and tapestry to more modern or transitional; from solid color all-natural cottons, linens and linen-look, to Cryptons, Faux-leather, real leather and just about everything else in-between. Many of our fabrics now have stain resistant treatment as well.

What if I already have my own fabric?

No problem! Just let us know that you have your own fabric and we will make that adjustment for COM (Customer’s Own Material). Just be sure to get enough yardage of a good quality upholstery strength fabric!

What if I’m not sure what kind of fabric I need? What if I need help choosing what will look right?

Don’t worry. We will help! Adrianne knows the fabric books very well, knows what works best on different types of furniture, has seen everything, and can help you make your best selection! She’s good at asking questions, really hearing what you like and don’t like. She will help you discover just what will work best for you.

What happens at an appointment?

We’ll talk through everything: your décor and fabric selections, new padding and stuffing inside, style change options, and labor. If you choose a fabric, we can usually give you a firm price on labor and fabric at that appointment. We might not be able to finalize the price for new materials inside the furniture, including foam, stuffing, and padding until we have the furniture in our shop. When you give us a deposit for the fabric, you will then secure the next available slot in our workroom schedule and in our calendar for pick-up. You can pay the balance when we deliver your furniture back to you. We accept checks and major credit cards.

What if I work during the day?

We are very willing to schedule an early morning or evening appointment. Or we can schedule an appointment on an upcoming day off. How about an extended lunch hour appointment? Can you skip out of work a little early? We work most holidays (OK not, Thanksgiving, but lots of other ones!) Call us and we’ll work it out.

Where are you located?

Just up the hill form our old shop at:

3252 New Scotland Road- Building #4
Voorheesville NY 12186 (in the Huck Spaulding Complex)

Call 518-765-2169 or email if you need directions.

What are your hours?

Hours are by appointment

Do I have to bring my furniture to you?

Probably not! We offer free pickup and delivery within our area. If you’re not sure, give us a call at 518-765-2169.

How long does it take?

We can typically give you a ballpark price on-the-spot.

We can usually come out within a week or two for consultation.

We need your furniture in our shop for 2-3 weeks to go through our process. We don’t pick it up till we’re ready to work on it though. It doesn’t sit around in our shop; it sits in your home and you sit on it, till we’re ready to do our work! We will give you a pickup date when you place your order.

How far ahead are you booked? How soon will you get to my furniture?

That varies, usually depending on the time of year. Some seasons are busier than other seasons. Everyone wants their new dining room chairs before Thanksgiving! And everyone wants their new patio cushions before summer! A busy shop means lots of satisfied customers. Call us for our current open slots. Call sooner rather than later!

Any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call 518-765-2169 or email.